23 November 2006

Town of Allopath

I would like to hear how my friends and family react to this provocative "Town of Allopath" video at: http://mercola.com/

I don't think all of the intended analogies are exactly correct, but generally I think it is a good allegory. I think Americans tend to value the drugs that numb discomfort to the disciplines that maintain health. I would guess this might be provocative and my readers might wonder whether I am angry at doctors. I admire and respect many doctors. Our country's emergency care, I think, is excellent. However, the doctors and drugs cannot make us well. They might make us more comfortable in our over-consumptive lifestyles, but they cannot make us well. Wellness is a gift from God that we can either preserve or refuse. I realize that I have done more refusing than preserving, but I look forward to future positive change.

19 November 2006

More Fellowship Memories

A couple of years ago we had some good fellowship at Jan & Arthur's in Brisbane. It's always nice to be the center of attention. Is it possible for God to be the center of attention, so to speak, in the midst of fellowship?

15 November 2006

Fellowship, evangelism

We had some interesting conversations that night over dinner. We talked chopsticks, God, and worship, if I can remember right. We took a train from Circular Quay (pronounced 'key') to meet our friends there. Binh had organized dinner for us (Nicole and I and the Griffiths) near Cabramatta in Sydney, Australia in July 2005. This is a picture from after dinner in the Vietnamese restaurant. In the picture is, from left to right: Nicole (my beautiful bride of almost five years), Binh (a Christian friend from when I lived in Sydney, '98-'02. she used to have young adults into her apartment every Sunday for informal fellowship, bible study, and conversation). Next to Binh is her boyfriend at the time (an atheist), and his roommate at the time (a Muslim). Next to them is Andrew, a Christian friend of ours who continues to teach scripture and involve himself in the life of the church in Campbelltown. Then, I'm the goofy looking guy next to Andrew. Binh said to me that night: "Jason, you dress well now that you're married." Ha!

Here's a question: When does a fellowship meal become communion? Can you just add a little sermon about God, a loaf, and a cup? Or is there more to it?

08 November 2006


Thinking back, I wish we had remembered Christ during the meal, the salvation we received through Christ. That would have made it perfect. It probably would have generated some good discussion and promoted the sense of unity and kindness and equality that was already there.

Thanks, Binh, for inviting your Christian siblings and your friends and hosting this fellowship meal.